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“Sarah Mae has done it. She has written a practical, passionate book that will help any writer tackle this still-confusing and scary subject: ePublishing. And she’s done it for the ‘everyman.’” -Jeff Goins, Goinswriter.com

Why Should Print Books Have all the Fun?

Here’s the deal, I’m just an everyday person who found success with ePublishing. My goal with this eBook is to share with you what I’ve learned  in the process of creating and selling an eBook that has sold nearly 40,000 copies. I know you can earn a full-time income as an eBook writer if you offer people what they need in a way that has not been delivered to them yet. You need to fill a gap…then you need to know how to get your idea past your own sphere of influence. That’s what this eBook is about – communicating your passion to others in a new way, and then getting your ideas to the world (you can read the Table of Contents here).

Not sure you need to write an eBook? Read this.

Now, If you read the eBook and you don’t learn anything, I’ll refund your money (I’ll give you 30 days – fair enough?).

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“Sarah’s story of turning her passion into success has inspired me to pursue ePublishing as an exciting new path in my career. Her exceptional, new eBook will do the same for you!  It’s a must-read for anyone in an online business, and anyone who is a writer at heart!”

-Lisa Petrili, C-Level Strategies Inc.

“Sarah Mae has done it. She has written a practical, passionate book that will help any writer tackle this still-confusing and scary subject: ePublishing. And she’s done it for the “everyman.” Be it the novice toying with the idea of an eBook or the veteran author dipping a toe into the world of digital content, Sarah’s How to Market and Sell Your eBook takes you from A to Z in writing an eBook that sells. Not only that, this book is chock full of practical resources and inspiring tidbits about writing ideas worth sharing. Whether she realizes it or not, Sarah Mae is a born marketer, a mobilizer of compelling ideas. Her early track record of success makes this evident, but the best part is that she teaches YOU how to do exactly what she has done — to write an eBook that earns you more money than you ever imagined.

I am inspired, challenged, and excited to get started.”

-Jeff Goins, Goinswriter.com

“I love that Sarah Mae has written this eBook.  She’s taken what she knows and what she’s learned from making 31 Days to Clean so successful, and she’s going to teach you how to do the same thing.  We know that her advice and strategies in this eBook work, because she’s already lived it with the success of 31 Days to Clean.”

Mack Collier, MackCollier.com

“As the author of a successful eBook, I found myself wondering if I would really benefit from reading a book about ePublishing.  But I’ve been following Sarah Mae for over a year now, making some of her marketing efforts my own, and knew her insight would be fresh, invigorating and full of integrity.  She didn’t disappoint.  How to Market and Sell Your eBook is full of practical wisdom, and loaded with useful resources for anyone in the ePublishing business, newbie or veteran.  I found myself needing to pause frequently during the reading of this book so that I could immediately implement her ideas!  Sarah Mae takes the reader step-by-step through not only the best marketing secrets out there, but also behind-the-scenes ways to make your eBook successful before it ever hits the virtual shelf.  And at just $4.99, everyone can afford to get it.”

Brooke McGlothlin, Author of Warrior Prayers and Notes to Aspiring Writers

“Love it!!  I am a “follow the directions” type of girl and I LOVE that you have laid out a complete, step-by-step guide to writing an eBook.  I am totally inspired and you have just given me the direction I need to feel confident in finishing and launching my eBook.  Seriously…it is awesome and I am pumped!  I won’t be able to sleep tonight…thanks alot!”

Ruth Schwenk, TheBetterMom.com

“LOVE IT!! Oh my goodness! You have just lit a FIRE under me! I have had an urge to write, just scared stiff though. This is PERFECT and HELPFUL and if you weren’t so far away I would hug your neck (as we say in the south)!”

Melanie Moore, OnlyaBreath.com